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You might have considered selling your Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas house, but put it off because of all the work involved. It doesn’t have to be that way! There are many ways to sell your house fast in Houston TX! Before you commit to a listing, check out the options for house sellers in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas!

What works for one property, may not work for another. Some houses do phenomenally on the MLS, while others sit on the market for months with no signs of a potential sale. Let us help you explore your options so you can make the best decision about how to sell your Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas house!

Your Options For Selling

Hire An Agent

Hiring an agent works for some properties but for others, the cost simply isn’t worth it. In addition to paying the agents commission and fees, you will also have to spend money making repairs, cleaning and staging the house. You will have to keep up the landscaping and always have the house clean and ready for those last minute showings. For some people, none of this is a problem. They have the time to wait around and don’t have many repairs to make on the home. However,  house sellers who may want to move within a specific timeframe, or who cannot afford the cash for repairs or don’t want to spend thousands fixing the property, an alternative way of selling might be the way to go.

Sell Directly To An Investor

Selling your Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas house directly can be a great way to go. When you work with the right investor, you will receive a fair price for your house without the expenses of a traditional listing. You will be able to sell right away instead of months down the road and you will be able to sell it without having to spend money making repairs. Of course, not all property investors are the same. Make sure you are working with an experienced, well-reviewed team such as Jordan Property Buyers , who will always put your needs first.

Try Your Luck With An FSBO

An FSBO (For Sale By Owner) can be a lot of work, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. It can take a lot of time, money, and require a lot of work from you. In certain situations, an FSBO can be a viable selling option to selling your property quickly.

When All Else Fails

Maybe you are holding out for a certain price that none of these selling options can provide. Many people, especially those who purchased before the housing bubble burst, will hold out, expecting to get what they paid for their house. Unfortunately, it today’s market, selling your house at the purchase price or higher isn’t always the case. If you find yourself in this situation you may have to choose to either cut your losses and walk away, or continue holding on to a house you don’t really want, or can’t afford. Something to consider is the additional expenses you’re incurring- taxes, mortgage, insurance, home owners association fees or any other financial responsibilities associated with the upkeep of your house.

Become A Landlord

You can rent the property out, but not everyone has it in them to be a landlord. The key to making it happen is to find the right tenants, and that can take some work. Unfortunately, not everyone is concerned with paying their rent on time or taking care of a house that isn’t theirs. There is a significant amount of time and money that goes into being a good landlord. Some people will opt to hire a property management agency to handle the dirty work for them, and that will cost you as much as 8 to 10 percent of each month’s rent.

Consider Rent To Own

Some owners will set their house up in a rent to own structure. Doing this will ensure you have a tenant who takes pride in the house, you will receive your rent payment each month and you will receive some money upfront as a deposit. This strategy works best for people who want to get the full value for their house, but who don’t need 100% of the money up front.

If these scenarios work for you reach out to us to do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have the headaches of ownership of a property you want or need to let go of.

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